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Yoga Blocks Set

from $7.95

Stretch into corrective poses with our yoga block set that helps you build strength and flexibility. Our set comes with two foam blocks made from high density foam so you can easily slip into proper...

Pilates Ring


Find your center and strengthen your powerhouse core with our pilates ring that activates isolated muscles. Dual-sided grip pads add variety to your workout and isometric design ensures the proper resistance to take your fitness training to the next level.

Balance & Exercise Ball

from $11.95

Discover your balance with our stability ball. Exercise balls help strengthen your abs, glutes, back, arms and other major muscle groups. Vinyl anti-burst material and non-slip ribbed design ensures a stable kinetic balance that helps your core and promotes proper posture. Doubles as an office chair so you can bounce away every ounce of stress.

Exercise Ball Chair

$89.95 $64.95

Extended periods of sitting can wreak havoc on both your posture and figure. Our bestselling exercise ball chair provides the perfect balance between functional stability and active design. It’s perfect for impact free exercises that strengthen your core and burn calories throughout the day. The exercise ball chair’s ergonomic construction naturally corrects your seated posture by aligning your upper and lower body’s orientation. Whether you’re at home or at the office, sitting will never be the same. Includes hand pump.

Yoga Strap

$14.95 $7.95

Achieve those difficult yoga poses with our looped yoga strap and its unique built-in handle, made for natural grip. Durable cotton-blend straps provide the widest stretch while strategic loops adjust poses for core stabilization. Helps you achieve proper body alignment and flexibility while minimizing risk of injury. Maximizes micromovements, emphasizing body awareness for a complete yoga workout.

Custom Block

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